Ted Williams White Birch Lodge on the Miramichi


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I maintain a website and write a blog about Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. One of the river's most famous fishermen was the late Ted Williams, aka The Splendid Splinter. Some baseball fans will remember that he hit over .400 in three years of a career with the Boston Red Sox that was interrupted by four years during his prime of service as a fighter pilot in both WWII and the Korean War.

I visited White Birch Lodge which was Ted's fishing camp on the Miramichi. He first went to the river in 1956 and fished with Wendell Allen at Allen Outfitting which became the famous Black Brook Salmon Club. In 1958 he was a guest at the Doctor's Island Club and met guide Roy Curtis who shortly after became Ted's personal guide and lodge caretaker. Roy's wife Edna was his cook. My blog at this link has a more thorough presentation with some interesting on site photos. Hope you enjoy. While you are on my website you can ask to receive notifications of future blog posts and you can look back through years of old ones. It is free.
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