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I've been thinking about this one a lot, my favorite choice is easy but underneath that there are just so many records that it is hard to place them

My Favourite Album by a long way is 'The Stone Roses' I've got about 6 copies of it on Vinyl, CD and a cassette somewhere.

After that, top 10 favourite and most-listened to albums in no particular order:

What's goin' on - Marvin Gaye
Sticky Fingers - Stones
The Hissing of Summer Lawns - Joni Mitchel
The Last Broadcast - Doves
Definitely Maybe - Oasis
Technique - New Order
Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan
Solid Air - John Martyn
Innervisions - Stevie Wonder

And no mention for....James Brown, Let it Bleed, Exile, Beggars' Banquet, The Clash, The Wailers, The Smiths, The Beatles, Massive Attack, Led Zepplin, Never Mind the B*****, Van Morrison, Neil Young, and about a thousand other great songs that aren't on my favourite albums, it's like fly tying, so many choices and so little time to use them. I think Astral weeks will creep into the top 10 in the next year or so.
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Bavaria - too far away from salmon spots
Like most things suggested, plus of course Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bonnie Rait. Recently discovered these, Tedeschi Trucks, superb.
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Midnight in Harlem (Live) - YouTube

Very nice! What a nice and peaceful moment watching this, after some of the battles here on SFF. The whole thread much appreciated as a welcome break.

I don’t have a special album, but I like all the mentioned music by the previous posters out of the 70s and 80s. Music for old boys like me?