Simple large arbor salmon reel


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Wareham, Dorset
Does anyone know if there is a large arbor salmon reel made with a simple click check drag system, similar to that fitted to the Hardy Marquis reels.
I have two modern large arbor fly reels, both with a complex disc drag system which I have never used, despite landing salmon up to 25lbs with them. I just set the drag to stop the line overspooling when I'm pulling off line to cast, and then if I'm lucky enough to get a fish on, use my palm on the exposed spool flange to control the drag. We always used to do this in the days before disc drags were incorporated in modern reels. I don't go bone fish fishing or tarpon fishing so don't need a complex and expensive drag system. Something like a Hardy Ultralight salmon reel, with cassette spare spools and a click check would be ideal. I see that Hardy make the smaller ultralight trout reel with a simple click check drag. So if anyone out there knows if there is a similar large arbor reel made I would be most grateful.


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Hi Pat

You're after a hardy viscount mklll large arbor 10/11 click check - they aren't made anymore but you can get them SH.

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