Salmon Farming as we know it cannot continue


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on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors
I had the following emailed to me tonight from a pal of mine, indeed it is incredulous that this industry is simply getting away with murder - it just cannot continue in its current form, the numbers being "officially quoted" are beyond belief :help:
Click on some of these links to see the figures - frightening really

I find it absolutely astounding that one, I repeat one site can have so many mortality's, never mind an industry as a whole. It is absolutely disgusting that Government, SEPA and RSPCA and any other bodies or supermarkets aren't taking this seriously.

Don Staniford (@TheGAAIA) tweeted at 1:53 pm on Tue, Jan 21, 2020:
Update: Mass Morts Piling Up at Scottish Salmon 205,147 morts @MowiScotlandLtd North Shore in Loch Erisort due to "Complex gill disease with significant gill bleeding and resultant anaemia + CMS + PD + lice treatments" & 95,723 at Ardintoul in Loch Alsh

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West of Scotland
Well in the first stance against the fish farms the locals in Sky have got OSH to abandon putting 12 4ooft cages in Trotternich north east Sky :thumb: on the down side :help: they have lost tens of thousands of salmon from a farm in Colonsay :doh: the spring runs in the west coat will increase this year :eek:hwell: