Sage Igniter 14ft


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Go the whole hog - have them laid across your' chest with your arms folded over them whilst in a Tweed boat engulfed in flames as you drift downstream from the Cauld at the top of Junction beat in a viking king's style funeral; you may slip below the waves somewhere in the hallowed pools of Hendersyde or Birgham Dub............

Regards, Tyke.

You are some kind of double funky undertaker young man :nod:


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Lymm, Cheshire
Have the 13'6 Igniter and I have owned most rods over the years and have to say hands down that this is the most enjoyable fishing rod I have owned great to cast and is a rare beast in that it is a good fishing tool as well!

For a change i will be keeping this one for a long time and probably buying a couple of others in the range when my bank allows, yes there are a lot of great rods out there but this is exceptional.

Fast recovery but more progressive than described definitely a line rating higher than recommended on Rio's web site ie 13'6 - 8 weight 34gram shooting head go up and down with rod sizes accordingly. (Far better casters ie. Instructors and Spey casting champions than me agree).

Unfortunately has a high price tag but really the quality of this is reflected in this

Great bit of kit totally agree with Alan.