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Sunday April 26th Thre river is slighly coloured after 10mm of rain overnight. I will pass on the latest info I have regarding counter figures through Waddow counter. Since January 34 fish have been counted through the Waddow counter, most of these will have been springers. The numbers through in 2007 up to the end of March was 21
Due to the E.A. working on the counting channel and trapping chamber on the weir the flow during a number of days in March was closed and only allowed 4 fish to run through. I will be receiving the April counter figures from the E. A in early May. If any angler is interested please contact me.
We have to be very careful when we report where fish are caught on the system as some clubs do not seek publicity. My information tells me that it was true a large salmon was caught on fly from a Price Albert beat and also another sea liced fish taken on fly from the Clitheroe area earlier, so fish are on the move. Most clubs have now stocked with their stocked brownies and despite the cold weather of late some excellent catches have been reported including one angler landing 17 from one pool on a middle river beat, all coming to a dry Kites Imperia the largest of these fish was 21 inches. As we go into May, given that we have enough rain, this will encourage more fish up from the estuary, but not in any significant numbers. Sea trout are beginning to move up, I received a report of possibly one being spotted near Edisford of about 7 lbs.