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Here is the second "under belly" spey I have tied. Once the body is wrapped, this being done with Berlin wood, I do a dubbing loop pulled forward on the underside of the body and then counter wrap that with copper wire. I then add a 2nd dubbing loop in front before beginning with the feathers. Lot of steps, but I like the leggy effect of the dubbing. Punch of photos showing the steps. Thanks for looking.
spey 10.11.21 blind eye.jpeg

spey 10.11.21 body.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 dubbing.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 gadwell.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 JC.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 underside.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 rear.jpeg
spey 10.11.21 left.jpeg



  • spey 10.11.21 blind eye.jpeg
    spey 10.11.21 blind eye.jpeg
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