Powerlie Ghillie 15ft #10


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Oslo, Norway
I know this is an older rod, but what are people's impressions of this rod, especially compared to the newer Powerlite or Norway rods and what lines work best with this rod?


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This is my go-to rod for big rivers, and has proved itself a first class all-round workhorse over the past 10 years or so. It's arguably the antithesis of the profusion of scandinavian-style rods that you'll see on most riverbanks these days; it's neither light in the hand nor fast actioned, but unlike some of them it has got real grunt. If you need to pull a fish hard, it will allow you to do so and if you need to whack out a heavy tube 35 yards or more, it will happily do that all day. And although it has all the power you could want (and more) for general use, the fact that it bends right down the rod, rather than just in the top third, means that it has got the sensitivity to play a grilse without pulling the hooks out.

I'm afraid I can't compare it to the rods you mention, as I don't own them, but I would expect it to be more through-actioned than the Norway (I have, or used to have, the 13', 14' and 16' in that range). It's certainly a bit more through-actioned than the 15'3" Kola, which I do have, but no less powerful.

When it comes to lines, I almost always use Carrons on them - frankly, I've never felt the need to look anywhere else. The 75' 10/11 is what I would generally use, but I have also fished the 65' 10/11, which it is equally happy with (though all that running line is a slight bore when you're casting a decent distance). It's also very happy with an old Airflo Delta Spey 10/11 multitip, which has a 55' head. TBH I don't think I've ever tried it with anything shorter; if I need to fish a shooting head I have other rods that I would turn to (I generally have more than one rod set up). I've little doubt that it would chuck a shooting head just fine, but to my way of thinking there are plenty of other rods that will do that, whereas for long line work the Powerlite has few equals.