Pollution on Ribble & Hodder.

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Through this forum I would like to make an appeal to all anglers who fish any of our rivers ie. Ribble, Hodder and Calder.
As we are fast approaching another season I think this is the approriate time to bring pollution and its problems to the fore. As the pollution officer for the Ribble Fisheries Consultative ( who represent most game angling clubs on these rivers) it is my job to log and work closely with the E.A.'s pollution team on any reported incidents, then report back at meetings and in a two monthly report to anglers.
Since Feb 07 I have personally dealt with 70 differnt incidents mostly related to bad farming practices. These are ranging from over slurrying on fields, slurry and silage leaks on Swanside, Eel, and Wigglesworth becks which are all important spawning becks. We have had farm slurry and silage run off into the Ribble at Paythorne, and the Hodder at Higher Hodder bridge, far too many more to report here.
Unless we have clean unpolluted streams no matter how much money is generated to go on habitat improvement it will not work. Pollution brings death to our rivers and streams.May I ask all anglers to watch for any signs of pollution and then report it straight away to the E.A. on their emergency number 0800 08 70 60 and then to me on 01200 423314. I have a direct line into the E.A. and I can assure those amongst you who may be a little sceptical that this does work, as the E.A.are responding within a matter of hours. Only by reporting and controlling pollution will our rivers ever be as clean and as good as we all wish.
I have fished these rivers now for over 50 years and am involved very closely with all of our associations and have many contacts. If any angler needs any information on anything concerning the Ribble and Hodder I offer my services , be it advice on river heights or fishing availability. Through the amount of work I do, I do not have the time really to become involved with forums on a regular basis but can be contacted on the phone or by e-mail f.higham@talktalk