Pheasant Irish Shrimp - Second Attempt


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Hi All,

Here's another shot at an experiment to tie a fly from Pheasant feathers. I liked the first attempt but didn't do a good rib and the rubbish picture doesn't show the natural colours very well.

Same materials - except swapped the Med Oval gold for small oval.

1) rump but using the blue/grey ones for tail
2) feather from around breast as mid hackle
3) the white ring of the neck as veilings
4) the peacocky soft feather on the neck as front hackle

Small Gold oval (back), red and silver wire (front), JC, black head. Size 10 patriot.

Much happier with this one - It's dull and drab but has lovely colours if that makes sense!

All the best, Patrick

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Holy smokes....Patrick, you're showing off again. Stop it.......

Beautifull fly my friend, just beautiful