Petition to ban Supertrawlers from UK Waters


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I guess a successful outcome could stop them 25% of the time for the next 5.5 years ;-)

Dont buy cheap fish/fish fingers/etc etc


Andrew B

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I wish they'd let us shoot seals because the coast is inundated with them...... I'm not saying anhilalate them but severely cull their numbers...... The National Trust Farnes bloke said =it'll be a bumper year this year and sure enough the population has gone up by 57%. They must feel untouchable these stupid people to publicise that fact...... Don't they know the returning fish are now 5 returning adults out of 100 smoults going out?

When the numbers of seals in the UK amount to about 37000 it makes one wonder are the seals taking the smoults as they try to get to sea? This N T supervisor/warden on Farnes said seals eat sand eels! it's their favourite! Well a smoult is a better moutfull than any sand eel now aint it?

And then there's the Seal protection league who publicise in the Indipendent newspaper that there are more African Elephants than Seals. He complains that seals are shot by those protecting their Salmon Farms and then shows a picture of a dead
sea lion........ It's well worth knowing that the conservation of salmon will be dealing with shysters and liars.

In North Wales the bailiff shot seals on sight...... Trout and Salmon mag in the 80ties said 2 seals were seen to be chasing fish right up to the junction pool on the Dwyfor, both seals were shot...... Not a word of complaint from anyone. What would happen now? My fishing pal Portmadoc says my dad used to shoot them regularly to keep the numbers in check!
What has gone wrong with conservation..... =backwards!
The seals at the mouth of the Dwyfor take a lot of fish imo. Had no idea they ever got up as far as the Junction pool at Aberkin? I love that river and over fifteen years I’ve seen such a drop in numbers of fish.
At least on the East coast the netsmen would keep the seal population in check.