Oracle switch 7/8 line recommendations


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I'm using the 7/8 Maxcatch switch line (25g) on my Oracle switch 7/8 rod and it casts really well....I tend to pull 5 or 6' of line in when overhead casting and it really puts a long line out.
Christened it first time out with a 3lb rainbow trout, and second time out with a 10lb salmon from my local river.
Very happy with the rod, which only cost me £70.
I have been using a maxcatch switch 7/8 on my Oracle 8/9 rod and do feel it is slightly undergunned but can get a good line out even with fast sinking polyleaders. Saying that I wouldn't know any different as I haven't tried other lines yet.
Well done on the salmon, I lost my first salmon on the fly rod on Sunday, over the net!