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Pretty new to salmon fishing and worming and would like some help in choosing which line and set up - braid? mono? fluoro? leader?

I've been out a couple of times with - 16lb braid, 10lb flouro leader, size 4 hook and a couple of bb shot about 3 foot from the hook, only brownies interested so far (I think). I've been casting upstream about 45 deg and the worm seems to be going with the flow nicely as i follow it down before retrieving. Is that set up alright? or am i doing something wrong?

any help/tips appreciated


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Try a 3 way swivel with a weight dropped off the bottom (you can use a regular swivel and have a length of 8 lb mono off the top eye as a weak link) then either a bouncing betty or round weight/splitshot off the tag end. A trace of about 4 foot on the other end seems about right. Then i cast square across or slightly downstream and bounce the worm around in the current slowly untill its downstream from me then a couple of steps down and repeat. You want to cover every inch of the pool. You may have to adjust the weight quite abit to get the speed correct. Also i have the bail arm open and the line resting on my finger to feel for a take, usualy the line stops in the water as a salmon picks it up then moves back into its hold.
Its years since ive fished the worm but that used to work for me, others may have their way to do it but its a case of finding which method suits you.

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