New fishing transport for next year.......................


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Yak fishing is all new to me Karl, so next year is my first. I take it you have more than one then?
You will love it, I’ve sadly got 3 sat in the garage gathering dust.
my first was a Malibu X Factor, a big old yak, can carry everything including the kitchen sink, but definitely not the fastest. But still my favourite, just perfect for fishing and easy to rig, but not if you are having to paddle far! Next up was a Hobie adventure, I got this in about 2009, I did the electric motor adaption a few years ago, but never used it?. Last but not least was an Ocean Kayaks,, - I think it’s called an Ultra 4.7, lovely yak but not long after I started getting shoulder trouble (now fixed after surgery), because of the shoulder I lost the confidence to go out on the sea should the shoulder pack in.
In May next year I’ve got to get back out on the reefs near Towyn mid wales, tope on the kayak, you just can’t beat it???
the only advice I would give is don’t go out alone until you get a bit of experience and practice the re-entry drill, there is a knack to turning the boat back over and getting back in it. I remember watching a guy in the distance, he must have tried a dozen times to get back in and failed, by the time I got to him he was knackered, cold and a bit panicky, however managed to get him back in (just!!!)

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Plenty to choose from there Karl:) Hope your shoulder is now sorted good and you can get back out for those tope!!

Biggest i had was over 60lb many years ago, not from a yak but some scrap of it.

I am going to take my yak to a training school in spring to get some tuition on safety and re entering should i go over, i will not take risks on the sea, been boating for years so have a good idea to keep me in good stead for the yak.


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How's the sea trout fishing down there? On busines trips tp Eastbourne I cross a number of rivers and always wondered if they were worth a go?

A few get picked up off the beaches near river mouths but the runs are pretty sporadic and even in the rivers it can be hard going. Very little fly fishing water and so the few that are caught are either fluked by coarse anglers or picked up on light spinning gear.