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Is it just a coincidence that on the BBC News page, an eagle being satellite tracked and missing since May is reported on at the start of the grouse season, did this not happen last year also.
Chris Packham probably asked it to be added to the indoctrination programme along with some shots of some conservationists taking the knee at a tree planting ceremony

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The bizarre" official" story of "Fred" the Golden Eagle "disappearing" on the outskirts of Edinburgh was something out of a Ian Fleming spy thriller.

Surprised there was not a thread on it on here.

The story went along the lines of a very fit and healthy young Eagle released in the borders made its way to the Capital only to fall prey to an evil highly organised gang, they struck Fred as he slept near a "Grouse Moor" , killing or taking him hostage, they drove him around in the boot of their car for a while, then took him to North Berwick, where he was trafficked into a boat and smuggled up the coast before disappearing miles off of St Andrews.

Lol, I take no pleasure in this but this fantasy that was taken Hook line and sinker by the MSN was the most ridiculous tale ever told.

In fact I think the more unbelievable a story, the more they buy into it, particularly with anything that fits the lefty do gooder "Agenda".

The truth about Fred may never be known but a few facts might help. Although first a bit of background, there is a Golden Eagle programme which is not exactly transparent in how it collects the birds, I suspect they are simply removing young eagles eggs or chicks from nests before they are killed by their first born sibling.

This might be a very dangerous route to go done and will prob produce inferior stock not equipped for the trials and tribulations, similar to stocking salmon but that's another thread for another day.

The thing is when you look at a picture of the young Fred being fitted with his cumbersome tracking backpack there is something about the bird, the eye, it just looks soft, domesticated. No fire in the eye imo. That's not a propper looking wild Golden Eagle imo.

Anyway some facts about these tracking devices which are fitted, they sit like a backpack on the bird, consist of a GPS tracking device which is battery operated and charged via a solar cell, the data is sent via the GSM network and can be requested to be sent at pre programed time intervals or a request can be made via the GSM network for a current location update, it's a fully programmable system, the updates could be requested to include say, all locations at certain time intervals, so the end user could plot on a map all movements.

The problem with this system, as good as it is, as compact as it is, it has its limitations and relies on a fully charged battery, something that can not be gaurenteed in early January in Scotland, the system may have been further strained by frequent requests for location data in an attempt to see if the bird had eaten.

The system imo failed, or rather the people requesting data failed to understand they were putting the system under a load it could not not recover, and under the strain the system would switch to GSM only.The last location given is behind the pentland Hills, the sun did not appear until late mid morning, I suspect the low voltage affected the ability of the tracker to get a GPS fix, also the bird prob was chest into the East awaiting the sun, affecting the solar pack. Just to say GSM data would indicate the nearest mast to the transmitter, still of some worth and requires much reduced power.I understand the system switches off GPS during the night to save power and this requires a very power intensive search for available satalites in the morning/when solar power is available. Its not hard to see what happened in early Jan, also the cold affects battery performance.

By their own admissions,
" the people" behind the tracking were worried, I suspect due to monitoring the bird they knew he had not eaten, I suspect the bird was starving, in winter the Pentland Hills are very busy with walkers from early till late, the grouse are few and far between, hares non existant.

The Eagle had alledgedly been seen but not sure by who as factually I know of no one who did see the bird. But the bird was alledgedly seen next to the Edinburgh city bypass, now the cynic in me says the bird was most likely looking for carrion, roadkill. I say alledgedly as I find it hard to believe in this day and age there is no photo of Fred soaring majestically above the Capital, or someone, anyone, mentioning seeing a fecking Golden Eagle in the Pentland Hills, although I can see Fred going unnoticed amongst the many Buzzards that frequent busy high speed roads near big city's. Just one photo would convince me, or even a keen bird watchers testimony, but alas just Chris and his charts, and metadata....

On the day in question, early in January the temperture had been decreasing all week and was now coldest for a month, a storm was incoming and it was snowing, propper winter had arrived and poor Fred was not equipped imo

........ I will/may continue this later as now bored but hopefully you get the drift.

Bored of the msm narrative, but also equally bored of those from within the hunting, fishing, shooting community who are driving wedges and doing nothing for unity.

Whether it's airgun law, access for Trout /Grayling fishers, attempting to deny access to the countryside in general as seen during the covid lockdown, I'm bored of those who should know better being selfish and only interested in money.

tipping point approaching imo, if some don't shift and address the imbalance the change will be cataclysmic,noone will defend against the lies, the divide will be unbridgable and the public will lap the propaganda with a gleeful thirst.

This is not about a poor substandard Eagle with a badly fitted backpack that was cold lonely and starving that became detached from his handlers and got blown out to sea in a whiteout.

Nop this is about summit else,time to wake up before its too late.

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