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It's been a long time since I posted on here, though I did quite a lot of it up a couple of years ago. I haven't wet a line salmon fishing for a year and a half with Scotland and Canada closed to me by Covid. Hopefully we are turning the corner on that. Canada is opening the border in August, though the exact details haven't been posted just yet. That could happen tomorrow.
After an excellent 2011 - like everyone else - our fishing started a steady decline. Last year the conditions weren't great, but we did have a strong run of fish. It wasn't measured because the government didn't do its mark and recapture work due to Covid, but it was strong. This year the run is being properly recorded and so far the numbers are really excellent for salmon, and particularly for grilse. Hopefully I'll be able to see for myself how the rest of the season fares.
I have a lot of friends in Canada, and have been getting very regular reports and pictures.
I write a free fishing blog about the Miramichi, and there are several posts on there about this season with some statistics and a fair number of photos and videos.
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