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Andy Musgrove

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Is the Loop Q anything like the old Loop Adventure ?

I have an old 3 piece Loop adventure 13'2" 8/9 and its still one of my favorite bits of kit.

Over the years I have had a quick cast of some of my buddies expensive kit , but find the old Loop still to be more than a match.

At some stage I will swap it out and the Loop Q appears to be the logical replacement.

any feedback welcome
I still have the Loop adventure but it’s about 4nches shorter these days. Good back up rod. I bought the switch rQ in the 4 weight and have to say I’m very pleased and impressed with the action and capability as a sea trout rod. Very light and easy to cast single hand but can really power up using two hands. Good value, got mine from All Peake at Twin Peaks Fishing. Good lads and if your there you can have a good try before buying.


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I used the 13’2 rod all last season, my first time using a double hander. Found it very easy to get on with and more than enough rod for me.
I’ve tried a few other in the same price range and the Q has them beaten hands down.