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I am desperately seeking a reel to match my 13' 7-9 rod. I have Mackenzie running line and 8/9 shooting head but I wondered if even with gel spun backing would it fit a Lamson 3.5 (perhaps not the smaller Konic) but the other models. Any help appreciated.


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Think it will be too small and also too light, 4" minimum for a 13 footer, I have a 4" bougle and that goes on my 12'6"


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I would concur with the above I have a lamson velocity 3.5 and it just about copes with a wf8f and backing as a bonefish reel or one for a switch rod but you'd really want a lamson 4" reel for a thirteen footer just to carry the line and backing on the plus side they are light for their diameter so it should balance well. You might find a ULA 3.5 would do the business or a sage 3500D along with a 4.0 size in the cheaper lamson ranges (velocity, konic etc) guess depends what budget range your looking at an alternative is the new guideline range it looks quite nice and the largest of these should be big enough too?

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Its a good question, and one which isnt easily answered, mainly because Lamson sizing varies between different models of reel. In other words a 3.5 isnt necessarily the same size between say a Konic and an ARX. Its also very confusing because 3.5 suggests the diameter size rather than the model size.....confused?? will be! For example, an ULA Force 3.5 is a perfect size reel for a 13 footer. Its 4.25 inches in diameter and takes a 9/10 line with oodles of backing. The 3.4 Ula is also a good size for a 13 footer, I know because I used to use one regularly. Its 4 inches in diameter and takes an 8/9 line. I also used my ARX 3.5+ on a 13, which is 4 inches and takes an 8/9, it was actually a really nice match with my rod, albeit its not the cheapest in Lamsons range. If you google the Lamson catalogues from 2012 onwards you'll get all the reels and also all the sizes. Heres the old 2012 one -


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Bavaria - too far away from salmon spots
I would also say, that the 3.5 is a bit on the small size, especially for a 13.5 rod.

Because of the balance, it depends on the rod too you want to pair it with.
On my 8/9 rods, 13’ Loomis Stinger 4-piece, 13’ LPXe 3- and 4-piece, LeCie 13’7 in 3- and 4-piece I use and love my Danielsson Original 3W reels.
These rods are well balanced with that size of reel and not overloaded, to stay in a light feel for those rods.
With most shooting heads for a 8/9 rod the reel takes approximately 150-175 m of 30 lbs classic Backing, depending on label and thickness and 30-50 m Mono running line, also depending on label and thickness.

If one doesn’t think he needs a break to stop a train on those rods and loves quiet fishing, he will love the silent sound of six ball bearings on a fish, like a turbo without motor ...
I use those and other Danielsson reels since their introduction and labeled as Loop.
They are absolutely reliable and less expensive since marketed by Danielsson himself. Indeed less expensive as the quality would be worth. The after sales service by Danielsson is also outstanding.
I like reels that don’t turn in line bit by bit while casting ! Test the reels when loaded, big differences. The Original definitely do not, because it’s the same resistance forward as it is backwards against overrun.
And I like the “break” on the spool side (Original for lighter and Control for heavier rods) to be not in need for changing hands on rod while fighting a fish...
But we are all different and have different expectations.
Some side views too, but hope that was a little help.