Kola river 2020


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It is very likely we will face the lockdown scenario as in France, Spain etc, no one will be going anywhere, not even the local river!!!!!!! Quite how they might police that is laughable, but entirely possible, suspect a military involvement will happen!!!!!


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It’s actually old message, and the way things are going I will be very doubtful if it happens this year.
Kola river being in more Forrest region and next to sea , gets less snow than other northern rivers.
Iv fished it near on 8 years and never really had prob lack of water in mid June. A late winter can delay the thaw by week or so effecting water level big time. So last week May. First June can be risky
However low low water mid June Iv never had. Even 2018. Kola had good level. Saved the year for me
I doubt it will be snow pack that effects any Kola fishing this year
Let’s hope this disaster passes as fast as possible
Stay safe everybody