Knockando 2021


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We had our annual trip to the Spey on Monday to Wednesday this week, the salmon gods were not smiling on us with levels at -9” and temperatures by Wednesday almost tropica. Andrew did his best to put us on fish and we did manage 3 between us, I winkled one out,a small one early on Tuesday. Really enjoyed it as usual, it was fantastic to just be away from home.
However there was one problem - canoes! They are reaching plague proportions, fishing one pool on the Wednesday morning there was four groups of 5 or 6 canoes went through, I swear if one more blew a whistle to notify me that they were there, they were going to have to get it surgically removed, I know you are there you morons, I’ve heard you coming down the river from a 1/4 mile away they make that much noise