Is it a Snap T or Double Spey ?


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What about if he had a downstream wind ? A single spey could end with a hook in the left ear lobe.

Nb. I realise he is only doing this for a demo, but it looks a more dynamic cast than the DS, when you have a downstream wind.


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I don't see owt wrong with that cast at all, for river right and a downstream wind.Ok tadge noisey and maybe a bit overly splashy, but what the 'ell.Mr.Fairgreive is only just a tadge better at the casting lark than wot I is!.
Think it all through, what is a label fixed to any cast, does it matter if in the same circumstances you use a Double Spey, a Snake Roll or tye the lot to a brick and heave it in!(that is a tadge splashy).
If you have the confidence and the ability to form a loop in the direction you need to be casting does it really matter how you do that(as long as its safe!), does it matter that the way you form your loop isn't in the "Boys Book of Spey Casts" or maybe dosen't strictly conform to tradition?.
At the end of the day, you never stop learning at the casting lark, there's something new every trip out to be learnt and absorbed for another time.
Maybe we all should try a little creativity and experimentation!. See you in casualty then,I'll be the one with a wee tube n little terrible embedded in me!


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I am being especially thick this morning but does this clip show a Snap T or a double spey ?

If its a double spey I have been doing the initial sweep upstream wrong for years - which is quite probable.



It is certainly a snap type cast with a cut underneath. However it should also be considered that Eoin is just repeatedly casting without any change of direction simply for practice or demonstration sake alone, for practice or demo of the tear or peel and D loop set up transition into the forward cast e.t.c. and that there was actually no change of direction involved. The line therefore being lifted from about the position it landed on the previous cast. It seems so to me looking at the direction of the line on the part of the initial lift shown. A snap cast without a change of direction for practice or demo.
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