Insurance claim 🤔


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Paisley strathclyde.
Last back end a cyclist I know was coming down a hill not far from Lanark when I roe ran across the road. My friend was killed.
Cock pheasants are one of the most amazing birds out. Just released they run across roads etc. but come the last day of the shooting season they have disappeared. First day of the closed season there are cock birds all over the place.

highlander gus

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West of Scotland
That was a
I've only had one animal vehicle escapade 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑

Five years ago driving through Cheshire on a dark country road and doing the speed limit I went over a slight crest and in the immediate dip infront of me was a flock of sheep running across the road some 60yds away.
I tried my best to brake without losing it but sadly ploughed into and out the other side of the flock.
Within no time at all Cheshire police were at the scene shortly to accompanied by as many vets they could get there hands on at this very distressing scene.
Because I was in a company vehicle top brass had to attend along with the fire service as there was a fuel leak.
Cheshire police thanked me for my actions 🎬
You see as I was driving a fully laden 44tn petrol tanker carrying a full load of unleaded petrol.
In my 33 years of working for Shell and I've seen carnage have I ever seen the likes of this.
A local farmer was prosecuted for not securing his livestock.
I killed 27 sheep that night not in one go but the vets were putting them down one after another.
There was so much damage to the tractor unit,
Lads in work called me the sheep slayer for a bit.
Work gave me two weeks off.
I know really baaad

MC 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏
that was a load of mince :LOL: :LOL: