Guideline Vosso HD 911


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I bought a Danielsson 8/12, ordered it Sunday had it Tuesday at 11 o'clock.
Can't complain about their Customer Service.
I also have a vosso 6/8.
Comparing the two I'd go with the Vosso over the Danielsson, there are a few little niggly things that don't sit right with the Danielson, asthecially it's not the same as the Vosso there are posi drive screws holding the reel seat and the handle instead of flat head on the Danielsson.
And another small thing I paid for the Danielsson 386 euros with a spare spool delivered it was taking out of the bank a/c a few days later I noticed some sort of charge 7 or 8 euros on the a/c I presume it has something to do with the order of the reel and was never mentioned when the reel was purchased.
It's not about the 7 or 8 bucks its the principal.
That be the banks lovely international charge surely