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Either the collective wisdom of the forum was uncharacteristically generous with this one, or it's another example of a deceptive picture. The actual weight of the fish was 43lbs, and the winner, who guessed it correctly, was sealicer. The average of all guesses was 47lbs, so still within 10%, but not as good as the usual performance.

Here's another picture of it on the rack. We always tried to gaff the fish in the head if possible, as was the Norwegian custom, so that's what the mark just behind the eye is.


This was part of the best single session's catch that we had in my time there, with a total of 14 fish to the seven rods for the morning. It was a corporate party, and the gentleman with me was a very pleasant, if slightly dry, Swede, but I think he hadn't really done much in the way of fishing previously (I was often put with the novices, as I seemed to be thought quite good at teaching). It came after a big July flood, and the river was running high, so I remember that everyone was kept very busy throughout the morning getting boats back up to their pools after people had had to follow fish downstream. We managed to keep this one in the pool, and in fact it was our second fish of the session - here's the other one, a 26lber which appears to have had a close encounter with a seal. I've just realised that this amounts to almost 70lbs of fish for a 4 hour session, which seems good going!