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I think there was a slightly wider range of guesses for this one, running from under 30lbs to over 40lbs. As you can see, the correct weight was almost exactly in the middle of the two extremes, at 35lbs. Quite a lot of guesses were close to this, but congratulations to Zamora who got it on the nose. The average of all guesses was just a pound on the light side, at 34lbs - once again a very creditable result for the collective wisdom of the forum, I think.

Firefly, I'm sorry if you find these pictures distracting! Having shown one of the lodge cooks previously, this is another of them, though I should mention that cooking was a bit of a sideline for her, and she is now an acknowledged world expert on book and library conservation. She too became an excellent fisher; there was a week when we had one rod unlet, and the manager gave it to the two cooks to share. As well as still producing four meals a day for guests and staff, between them they finished the week as top rod with both of them taking fish, like this one, in the mid-30lb bracket. Fortunately we had a nice, relaxed group staying that week; there were plenty of other guests who would undoubtedly have found the experience of being outfished by two girls a severe blow to their amour-propre!