!!!!!!GONE!!!!!FREE to a budding fly tyer - fly tying materials - odds and ends.


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NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Winging their way to a young fly tyer.

I've been going through my materials, and have pulled together a few bits and pieces which I have no use for. Not worth selling, but equally no good sitting here gathering dust, so I'd like to over them to a budding fly tyer. List below of what's in the packet. First PM will get them. No postage, no cost, completely free.

8x 1/2" Aluminium bottle tubes
2x 1/2" Brass bottle/tapered tubes
4x 11/4" Aluminium tubes
40x 10mm Aluminium crimps - make handy wee tubes
3x 15mm Copper tubes
3x Black Partridge Salar Doubles - either 7's or 9's not sure.
3x Gold Partridge Salar Doubles - either 11's or 13's not sure. Will also throw in 3 Red and 3 Black Frances flies on same hook.
30x Trout Single Hooks - can't mind the brand or model, but good for wet flys, I used them for seatrout singles, so a decent size.
9x 1" Single Hooks - again can't remember what these are, but I used to cut the eye off to use for sea trout snake flies.

3x Uni Floss - Bright Yellow, Olive and Royal Blue
1x GloBrite Florescent Floss Shade 6 (Orange)

1x Small Silver Mylar Tubing

1x Small Packer of Short Purple Cock Hackles
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