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Monkey Glodhack 15 minute tie step by step, one of the simplest and quickest flies to tie, but deadly.
15mm T tube, glo brite red floss, red fl.fibre, medium silver rib, black sss dubbing, straight black bucktail, black fox, sss angel hair red, black soft cock hackle, black colobus, Junglecock

1. Attach the junction tubing to the t tube with strong wraps of globrite red floss to form the butt.
2. superglue over the floss tag.
3.tie a tail of red fl. red fluro fibre double back securely and taper with scissors.
4. Tie in medium silver tinsel and dub a black synthetic flash dubbing over the tube, wind the tinsel in wide turns forward.
5. Tie in a stacked wing of black bucktail.
6. Tie in a longer wing just past the tail of black fox tail, super glue the thread and wind a few turns to secure, leave the ends.
7. Tie in a black soft hackle, double and wind it forward over the butts and tie off with super glued thread wraps
8. Tie in a short thick wing of black monkey with superglues wraps, add a few strands of red angel hair over.
9. Tie in a long thin wing of black monkey hair, super glue the thread and remove all the hair waste butts with one clean cut.
10. Tie in Junglecock doublle back the stems and varnish the head

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Having difficulty trying to source black soft hackle in UK appreciate any advice where I could get some.

Thanks again.
Surprisingly scarce. There is one on eBay from Germany, if you search chickabou it will come up. The only place I know you can get a full range of colours is the feather emporium in US. They are much cheaper but there is the wait and the hassle of paying VAT and duty. Great for a big order though.