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In recent years I pass I have helped pass the winter - which unfortunately is much longer and colder than those of the UK - here in Maine with a variety of little projects, and one of them is the use of my game camera. I have a couple of deer feeders around my yard, and we get some interesting shots. I just started yesterday putting the cameras out for 2018, and I just installed one for now. In one night I had a ton of photos, and these are a small sample. There were almost no acorns this year which is tough on deer and turkeys, so both are keen to take whatever they can find to replace them. In this case it is coarse #14 which in addition to grain pellets has corn and molasses.

This first shot was just minutes after I filled the feeder. The turkeys found it quickly. I had thrown a little on the ground too.

This photo shows a deer over on the left joining the turkeys still well before dark.

In this one the camera catches my wife and I returning from a walk just at dusk.

15 minutes after we passed the camera this small whitetail buck stopped for a little break. They are constantly on the move as this is the rutting season.

Just after dark this extended family of does and fawns came to the feeder.

Here is the same buck back for another snack near midnight. He may be tired from meeting up with the does earlier. If you look down near the base of big pine tree the feeder is attached to you will see a small dark object with a luminous eye. That is a flying squirrel. You will never see one of these except in the very dark of night.

In this picture the squirrel is now in the center of the tree trunk, even with the top of the feeder. I think that is the nose of the buck checking out this doe that has come in to feed.

This next photo is now near dawn, and another buck has arrived. This one too is a modest sized animal, but you can tell it from the other because the beam on its right antler has been broken off leaving only the spike - or perhaps it still had just a spike on that side this year.

At dawn a couple of does make a last stop at the feeder before bedding down for the day.

With first real light the turkeys are back at work.

This is me sprinkling out some scratch food for the turkeys.
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Is that Christmas dinner sorted out then - a quick pot shot at one of the turkeys?:lol::lol: