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After reading a number of positive comments on the Meindl Dovre boots on here, I bought a pair and have to say that they have a great comfort fit and appear to be good quality.
Now looking for recommendations for a good set of gaiters and would appreciate any comments.
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I use a pair of Outdoor Research Crocodile gaiters with those very boots
Slight overkill , perhaps , but they’ve kept my legs dry on some moist ?treks.


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Winter I use berghaus yeti extremes with ust a bead of silicon sealant round toe to keep the Rand in place, they douvres don't have the correct sole for the yetis but they work fine.
Otherwise the black islanders are very good gaitors, use these a lot too. Less hassle than fitting yetis if you only use them occasionally.
Macgaiters also an alternative which I have used but can be too warm, good if you need less noise but found the snow bunches under the lower rim n pushes up.
My mate uses Swazi gaiters and swears by them, he too wears douvres. Great boots.


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Im weighing up the very same thing! Black Island seem popular with my keeper friends; hopefully there will be several different types to peruse at the Midland game fair.


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Bavaria - too far away from salmon spots
Hi Ellipse,
Great boot and best quality you can get !
If you have the high version, you will hardly need any gaiters. If you are out in the wet with Goretex trousers or any other water protection trouser, as far as it is of new stretch material, tie a broad duct tape (Panzerband) around where your trousers are going into the upper part of the shoes.
It doesnt look nice, but it´s the best´for the worsest of deep mud and wet situations... also working very well for any kind of rubber boots...
If you have the lower version and in use of any gaiters, use the duct tape on the upper end of the gaiters. The duct tape is for both, for stying dry and for safety.

I used many different gaiters for mountain hiking, Walking and hunting. If you want or need them, buy serious and buy different ones.
Different terrains and activities:
Don´t take gaiters with broad sole belt made of textil, soaking wet and becoming stretched, if you are in wood terrain or when hunting. Best if you do not need/use them at all with a sole belt. If a sole belt, a thin steel cable, able to be attached firmly is a better option.
And again: the duct tape, to avoid also slipping of the gaiters and the sole belts coming out of close attachment. There are hardly gaiters out there that will stay where you attach them when moving.