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Dear Members,

Salmon Fishing Forum is a free resource open to anyone with a non-commercial intention.

We fund the running of this site by selling advertising space in the form of ad banners on our homepage and around the forum and commercial links in signatures, this gives our advertisers exposure and allows them to talk openly about the products and services they offer. This advertising revenue is vital to the continued operation of SFF.

To protect the interests of those who advertise with us we do not allow commercial advertising of any other nature, any form of commercial advertising requires the advertiser to have an advertising agreement in place by purchasing an ad banner. We do not allow links that make it clear a member here is selling commercially via a third party site like eBay nor do we allow posts that make it clear a member has a trade association of any kind, even if it is to offer product advice. We dont allow trade avatars, signatures, links or logos in photographs or any kind of unauthorised advertising, selling or market research.

Links in signatures or threads that are deemed commercial, including links to Facebook pages will be removed when we see them. Signatures to angling clubs/associations or to charities etc will be allowed along with links to personal blogs that are deemed non-commercial by SFF Admin, if in any doubt please check with us first. Repeat offenders or first time 'spammers' will be removed from the site without explanation. It is also not acceptable to solicit business via the personal message system.

If you are unsure then please ask first before posting something that could put your membership here at risk, obvious unauthorised commercial advertising/spamming will result in an immediate ban.

SFF is the largest community of its type on the internet and serves over 18 million pages per annum, if you would like to advertise with SFF then please enquire to

Many thanks.
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