Fish against the odds.

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Pretty much snowed in today so dreaming of fish from the past. Golf course across road from my house just today.


A few years back I set off on a June morning early with what should have been a dropping river. On way there the mobile in my pocket was buzzing away. Happily ignored it, either wife or work and when I'm fishing I only take life or death calls :). Arrived at the fishing where Billy was there saying he tried to call me saying it's a waste of time. According to him 'worming water' which is all well and good on a fly only beat. I was there anyway so set up the rod and Billy laughed at the size 4 cascade that I was putting on the business end of sink 1/3 head. Got down to the water which was running about 4ft and coloured. Still was fishable to me. Lengthened line and first proper swing round perfect draw on line. Fantastic fight ensued. Ended up with 3 that day and Billy's face was a picture. Tight lines to all for the season ahead. A bit of water and these days will be back (hopefully) :). Oh and don't always listen to the experts. Keep the faith and keep fishing.