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hi guys and Girls,
just called up B.t to change from my home address to the far north.
They are still running on copper wire rather than the new upgrade,
my bill will be roughly £10.0 more than what im paying now So total bill £43.00 quid.
this seems expensive ,
i get unlimited broadband and a £5.00 t.v package. and nearly a 20 quid line rental on the new shift, basically the same as what I have just a £10 dearer

What i would like to no is are there other providers that i can go with up north or should I just stick with B.t .
I do no that all the other providers will be renting B.T 's copper wire so I Believe you don't get the same line speed as going with B.T as you would with say Virgin.
what are you guys using and how have you found the level of service and more importantly the line/download speed.

carbisdale caster

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Culrain. Sutherland
I've just done a speedtest here in Culrain (IV24) and I'm getting 7mbps download but only 0.36mbps upload with BT, I can't say i've really had any issues with service so far, possibly due to the fact a lot of folk up this way are of an age where they treat the internet as some kind of sorcery :)



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Welcome to living in the "Hard to reach" areas of so called rural isolation in the UK. I live barely 25 miles from Exeter and only a mile from the edge of one of Devon's first super fast fibre optic enabled communities where download speeds of >33mbs/sec are boasted. My problem is that my connection to the exchange is a mile and half of overhead copper wires which will never in a month of Sunday's ever get upgraded to anything like that. My download speed is rarely better than 0.7mbs/sec but I have no option but to pay the same as someone who enjoys connectivity that is often 10 times or better than me "Rip Off Britain" is alive and well and it's a national scandal.


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BT are more expensive BUT if you go with someone else and things go wrong your other provider will blame OpenReach and OpenReach will blame your other provider ( Sky , talktalk or whoever) so you may well get caught in the middle. Me, I'm with BT- for a reason