Easy fly line loops


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A real waste of time, dont bother!

The superglue and all that thread will make the whipping rock hard as he says. After a short while the line coating will fracture directly behind the whipping.

Been there, done it, got the t-shirt donkeys years ago. :eek:


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I do something similar but remove about 3/4" of coating to expose core then whip the core back to the coating with 3 small whippings. I shave down the coating I am whipping the core onto to reduce bulk a bit. No super glue for the reason pointed out, bad news and a waste of time. I coat the whippings in aquasure which I run an inch and a bit back up the line, thickest around the whippings and then tapering off as I move up from the tip of the line. Don't really get any cracking issues and I've not had one break yet.




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Superglue on loops

Contrary to what others may say it is OK to put a little Superglue onto braided loops or the threads. As long as its Not overdone and there is a more flexi rubber type glue going to be applied on top of it. But if it is only Superglue thats applied then there will be soapy-bubble, and cracking of the line coating & stiffness of the loops will duly happen, and then its sh*t creek after that:eek:

I've never had a problem with any type of braided loop on any line whether it was salmon or trout lines. I've always whipped one or two positions on the loop, put Superglue on the thread, then cheap nail varnish out of any chemist/pharmacy. I end up with the varnish being more like Superglue when I use it with big long globular & tacky ends.

Through trial & error and testing other inferior glues throughout the many years, I have found that 'Aquasure' is the best for finishing off a loop end, no matter if its done with a braided mono or just from the core itself. Although 'Stormsure' is not far behind it.

But everyone has their own way of working, And as the saying goes "If it aint broke, then dont fix it;)