EA Fit for purpose?


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EA Critisism

Here we go again with more slagging off towards the EA.We all know
they are not fit for purpose cos it's a Government organisation with
the attitude that they know everything and anglers, gillies and riparian
owners know nothing. All they have done for years is bury the facts
with flowcharts, pie charts and graphs, all doctored to suit their own
ends. The fact is until local river boards/ committees are formed from
local owners/anglers who care about the local river/ fisheries( cos lets not forget other people course fish etc) and funding is directed locally,nothing
will change and the bullshit will continue.
Personally, I do not have the time to get involved in the Political bullshit
that is the norm with Salmon fishing and so usually will not pass comment
But I feel that all the time Andy has put into that letter is a crying shame
because whoever gets that at the EA will only treat it with the same
contempt they have shown all the facts that have been thrown at them
for years.
Best of luck with your endeavours guys but banging ones head against
a brick wall springs to mind.