Coolraw Killer


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Where the sky is rarely blue
That would fish well in a spate river .what is the recipe ,it is very well tied.
Tail: lime green crystal flash 4-8 strands sandwiched between yellow bucktail 1.5 approx length of hook ,15 to 20 strands of bucktail total.
Tail is cloaked by a yellow long Chinese cock hackle doubled and swept well back, 3 turns
Front and rear body is the same - Yellow Floss Silk and medium oval silver tinsel rib
Middle Hackle yellow chinese cock hackle doubled, 3 turns
Wing: 2 JC Nails
Front Hackle of hot orange chinese cock hackle is tied over the JC nails, doubled 3 turns.
Tying thread is white vevus 10/0 with black for the head.
Varnish is clear as nails with nylon.

Its an attempt at copying a coolraw killer posted some time ago by member minitube. In keeping with that great mans tying style , all hackles after being wound on are further secured by tying thread wound back over the stalks, this make for a robust fly.
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