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We have a Hunting & Shooting section here as many salmon fishers will also have an interest in one or both of these types field sport. Quite often a lot of this also happens during the salmon fishing closed season so I think its a very valid section to have here.

I understand that not every member here will be as happy shooting or hunting an animal as they would maybe hooking, playing and possibly killing a fish. I myself don't really understand this but each to their own and I respect that different members will feel differently about different things. Game shooting and various methods of vermin control are a necessary part of country life and enjoyed by many, we should respect that.

I would ask all members that if something doesn't sit comfortably with you but is a recognised and perfectly legal field sport (which is all that is welcome here) then please don't comment negatively, if you are unsure about somethings legitimacy then please send me a PM and I will look at it. Negative comments serve only to aggravate members who are as passionate about their respective field sport as you may be about your fishing.

We don't need unnessessary aggravation here caused by comments that could so easily be avoided.
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