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I've delayed offering these products to the international market because of worries over Postage and customs problems. It seems that they are making it to Canada and Iceland without problems and I've sent one package to the UK. recently. So I'm willing to give this a try if you are. My latest package to Liverpool arrived in 8 days so it looks as if this will work out.

Whether you fish floating Spey lines or use sink tips we all must connect mono leaders or tippets to our welded loop lines. These Double Loops are made specifically for use with welded loop lines & tips.

If your lines have welded loops as most do today take a look at the loops themselves. Do they appear to be worn or being cut by your leaders? If so then you might read on.

It has been 8 years ago that I was reeling in a nice salmon only to feel the line go slack. Not the first time one came loose so I continued reeling in to check the damage.

What I found was that my tippet had finally cut through my welded loop sink tip. The tippet, fly and attached salmon were quite gone. This left me with a problem as I had no other sink tip to put into use at that instant.

That evening I decided to solve the problem and I made one of these.

That is a double braided mono loop made from 50 pound test braid in orange. That simple thing will allow your welded loop to look like this after years of use.

That is one of my Scandi lines after several years of use, below you see the connection.

The 50 pound loops are best for connecting direct to your floating line when you are using monofilament leaders. If you can't love orange I can provide them in white or black but I prefer orange or white so I can see them clearly.

For use on sink tips having welded loops I make 35 & 25 pound Black braids as seen below.

I sell these in packs of 12 / one dozen and to mail them to Europe & the UK. they are $30.00 USD which includes Tracked First Class International Posting to buyers.

I also make Mini Sink Heads in 4 foot lengths in the following weights; Z-9........ Z-12 and Z-15. The 'Z' stands for zinc impregnated and they sink like T or tungsten tips.

My mini heads have black braided loops on each end and are made and sold in sets of 4, four heads per set you choose weight, cost is $26.00USD plus postage to you. Postage calculated by weight.

This video demonstrates how I use the loops and tips and viewing the first 5 or ten minutes may be helpful Streamer Fishing Techniques

If you are interested in either or both products you can contact me via

Once an order is decided I will invoice buyers using Pay Pal

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