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I can't criticise anglers if they are fishing within the rules, but I would criticise the EA for letting it happen. Here in Wales, worm and prawn are now totally banned for salmon and sea trout, and shrimp is currently limited for a short period of 4 or 5 weeks max, and banned completely on some rivers.
Salmon catches on Welsh rivers have plummeted, so serious action was needed......rivers like Nith and Annan have also suffered massive declines, so surely sensible restraints are needed before salmon runs become so small that they disappear and/or angling for them is banned.
Then the responsible thing to do is ban fishing in the Autumn, where I fish I have to return all Salmon anyway but the EA want the best of both worlds, take your money but put all fish back.......... funny thing is 20 years ago was a rare sight to see a heron and last time I went fishing I counted 12... they eat they're own body weight in fish per day, now think about all them Precious salmon par getting gobbled up........... time for a cull on fish eating birds but that won't happen.