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Marc LeBlanc

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New Brunswick, Canada
Here is a pattern that was very popular in the mid 1900s. It was created fly a fly dresser and ghillie by the name of Bert Miner of Doaktown, New Brunswick. The colours are reminiscent of the more elaborate Dusty Miller.

This style of fly (“simple strip wing fly”) was certainly the main style of fly in the early to mid 1900s on the Miramichi river. In addition to Bert Miner, other notable local tiers from that era include Abe Munn, Ira Gruber, Everett Price and William Hale.

Time permitting, I will showcase some of these earlier Canadian featherwing salmon flies.

The name of this fly comes from the name of a beautiful little village on the banks of the Main Southwest Miramichi river about half way between Newcastle and Doaktown. A number of to-this-day productive private and public beats lie within the Blackville village limits. (Interestingly the police cars the village police officers drive have a salmon on the sides of their vehicles!)

While no longer as popular as they were in their day, I still fish these reduced featherwing flies successfully every season.




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