Best modern salmon fishing book recommendations


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Maybe so, but it wouldn't be the first time that so-called scientific analysis runs contrary to the experiences of people who are at the coalface and seeing stuff first hand. Indeed, we've not infrequently seen people here putting forward theories that they claim to be scientifically based - sometimes even with supporting graphs ;) - seeking to prove something that is in marked contrast to the observations of those who are actually involved day in and day out!

I fish annually with someone who is quite well known for catching more fish than most, and whose professional life involves analysing scientific data. He has worn a barometric watch for a good few years, and his conclusion - based on a rather larger sample of fish caught (and from a wider range of rivers) than Bett used - is that the so-called Breakthrough is nothing of the kind and the theory doesn't hold water.
Oh yes very well said
I am not experienced angler, and I only fish chalkstream but I know what you saying. I would love to have someone to follow, to get some local knowledge especially when I was starting, but not a lot people like to fish and keep fishing without catching. I spend almost 2years with not even a salmon bite, I think what kept me fishing was only that I knew they in there, and one sunny day in gin crystal water big fresh salmon chase and smash lure next to rod tip. I lost it after around 20sek and took me another year until I hooked and finally land my first fresh salmon :)
but every cast, every hour was worth it, I never gonna forget this fish, takes and the fight, but some days months was so quiet I looked everywhere i can to get some advice never think about a book untill yesterday :) but I guess I'll leave the books since I never looked, especially reading what you wrote :)