Best gear set up for Grayling fishing?


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Had this 2 pounder plus the other day.
Tactics were 13 ft float rod with a centrepin and a red,white maggot on a size 18 barbless.
Landed a few and lost a few to.
Grayling 2Ib Nov 2017.jpg


Deepankar Choudhury

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For those who’ve yet to catch grayling, the formula to good results are relatively uncomplicated. For fishermen with rotating equipment, a light or ultralight rod spooled with six-pound test is best suited, although you have to prepare yourself to reduce the casual attract. You may even reduce periodic grayling, when one of the river fish that often discuss their rich waters chooses it prefers what you’re providing. Little rewriters, such as those by Mepps or Panther Martin are favorite attracts, though small spoons and attracts have taken more than their stand up discuss of grayling over the years. I can’t suggest a specific color or two as being any better than the rest, though I’ve maintained have fun with amazing achievements with rewriter rotor blades in silver, black and yellow-colored. Another alternative for the components anglers is to use a launching percolate above a fly. This allows the non-fly caster to have fun with the same visible excitement of a seafood striking a attract on the outside that fly fishermen live for.