Ballachie 25/5/13


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Had a day on Ballachie yesterday with Jim Cunnigham and my mate Munro.

Water was crystal clear, bright sun, no clouds so started a bit dubious at the back of the mind. Just more proof that very few salmon read magazines or view forums.

Munro has some pics but he is on holiday for a few days but should get them when he is back.

End result for the day was Munro a 20 and a 12 and myself a 10, all absolutely clean fish (no lice) but bars of silver.

Got to be honest myself and Jim gave Munro 20 for his big fish as we had no scales but after well over 1800 fish and 50 plus years of catching them I`d have gone closer to 22 / 23, big deep body and very wide shoulders.

Anyway a crackin` day and released to carry on with their tasks.

Mine was on a size 10 Wullie Gunn, Munros` biggie on a stoats tail tied on a 3/4 inch copper tube and his other on some wierd and wonderful thing he tied himself that would be perfectly at home of a boat for pollack or bass. As I say, salmon do not read :cool:


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In a cooling North Atlantic...
Good day out, Bonito.

A cracker for 'Munro'. Guessing this might be Munro from SFF and MCAA, ex- stripped down carp blanks and shooting head exponent and legendary canny driver? Smashin bloke with a million and one tips and stories. If it isn't, well done anyway:cool:!

...well over 1800 fish and 50 plus years of catching them

That's a serious total over a long period. Any breakdown in those numbers - eg. river / season / number?
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