Another Delve into Scottish salmon farming


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Yes hart breaking....all furled by people who have no thought for the environment and animal welfare just their bank accounts. Thank you for posting.


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Thanks for posting this, great wee video. Excellent scenery and really well put together and presented. Not that I'm a critique!! Haha. But yes always good to raise awareness!

If I was to criticise anything about it, the two hosts come across like a couple of hippies which probably restricts the "receivability" of the video because people will just assume they are a couple of eccentrics with ideas beyond the scope of reality. Of course we know they aren't and we know they make good points but I could see some of the more lay viewers struggling to relate to presenters like that. In my opinion of course.

In some sense when I see these videos now I feel somewhat demoralised. Videos with the same messages and content have been circling now for years and yet nothing seems to change. I think that's for a few reasons:

1) the general population probably in part are unaware and those who are aware simply don't care enough to change their habits and send a signal to the markets. Why don't they care? Because, as I'm sure has been said before, ultimately, fish arent cuddly and cute. So people may see images of them in cages covered in ulcers and lacerations but they just dont relate the same way they do to a calf being kept in darkness for veil meat or to a nice fluffy hen being kept in battery conditions.

2) if we tie fish farming to the detrimental effects it has on wild stocks again people don't care for reasons discussed in point 1 but beyond that salmon fishing is seen as elitist and like it or not it runs in the same ranks as shooting and the vast majority of the population these days are way way out of touch with all that and find it barbaric etc. So we are onto plums there!

Edit: to add to point 2. If people were made aware of the plight of our wild stocks they may well then round and say, "well if they are that bad then why are people still fishing for them with rod and line?" So we should all watch our own feet, I don't fancy shooting mine!

3) the scottish gov really don't give an f. If they did they would have did something by now, they haven't. I'd imagine they haven't because it's a less important issue when compared with the big issues of the day, fair enough. But beyond that, it became really big business. It seems like the stuff is exported all over the world. Follow the money as they say. A strong fish farming industry with big exports gives nicola another strong to her independence bow. They aren't going to crack down on the industry and they like promoting and claiming is a great success.

So where are we left? Yes it's great seeing these videos but the odds are stacked well against us and can any of us really see things changing?

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