Access to and rules for using the Classifieds.

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I thought it best to re-iterate and clarify the rules for posting in the classifieds as originally set out by Springer.


Access to the classifieds.

Only members who have been with us long enough and made a minimum of 100 posts of value will be allowed to start a thread (i.e. we will quickly spot lots of "great's, wow's and thanks for posting" to bump your post count.) This is to improve security and dissuade scammers from joining and posting for sale things that then don't arrive which has happened in the past.

Let's just say if you are a genuinely active and contributing member of the forum it won't be a problem, if it is then get on contributing and things will eventually open up for you. It's amazing how quickly you will reach 100 posts if you log on regularly and get engaged properly with threads and discussions and please do start your own to ask a question or share an experience!

Rules for using the classifieds.
The classified forum section is for members to buy, sell or swap USED items(we do allow the occasional new items understandably, but not regularly new items, as we will remove them) on a non-commercial basis. Any adverts of a commercial basis will be deleted. A commercial ad is considered to be when a member has more than one of a similar new product/service for sale or when they clearly appear to make/buy and sell something or offer a professional type service. It is not acceptable for members to sell or swap flies in this section or advertise they sell flies anywhere else on the forum. Fly swaps are arranged from time to time for this purpose.

  • Please do include a price, even if you are going to accept offers also which is fine. It just lets everyone know where to start.
  • Deliberate bumping of threads is not allowed (we have now changed the system (May 2018) to automatically close all new thread so you must use the PM system to enquire or purchase.)
  • Please do not sell or swap on behalf of friends. Tell them to join the forums too!
  • We prefer it if you list 1 item per post with a max of 5 items per month/30 day period (except for small bulk items like fly tying materials).We will remove the post if more than 1 item and its not being sold as 1 lot.
    We do allow more than 1 item in a post only if being sold as 1 lot only.
    The OP can amend his own thread anytime and when item is sold they must place "SOLD" at the end of the thread.DO NOT replace the price with SOLD or we will not allow you to place another sale for the rest of that month.
    Sales are done on a rolling month allowance.

Trade/Commercial adverts.
Trade adverts from retailers/manufacturers will be deleted unless they have been agreed first. If in doubt about the suitability of your advert please seek advice from us via . We'd be happy to talk to you about how else we can help with your marketing and sales.

Thanks for your co-operation and if in doubt about your post then please ask first.

New flies tied by private individuals to sell are not allowed in the member classifieds as that makes you a trader - Trade Membership is your option.

Problems that arise between buyer and seller. We will try and assist where we can, but ultimately it is between themselves to sort out.

If we see a thread which has broken the rules of classifieds we reserve the right to remove and restrict future posting privileges at our discretion. Please ensure you understand our rules before posting.

In addition to the rules we have set a limit on selling an individual item/items to a maximum of £1,000. Any item or items as job lots over this amount will be deleted.

Classifieds is a perk for members and not to be abused and the 100 post rule is the minimum guide but in some circumstances we will extend this for reasons such as not enough input elsewhere on the forum and just boosting post counts with "nice fly" "ok thanks" so as they can sell items.

Paypal gift causes many problems and we recommend it is not used as there is no comeback, either to buyer or seller in these instances.

***Update - May 2018***. All new threads published will be closed automatically by the system so you cannot post a reply. This means the seller will deal with all enquiries by PM and stops a lot of the moderation problems we encounter in classifieds. So please ensure your ad covers all the relevant details. If after 1 month it does not sell you can put it up again but it will be part of the normal monthly rules, ie £1,000 max allowed etc.

Dangerous items

We do not allow sales of any dangerous items on the forum ,such as air rifles or any type of rifle/shotgun, crossbows, knives etc.These will be removed.

Let us clarify the wanted /swap section of classifieds

It is not a place to try to sell items with statements such as "clear out, pm me if you need anything"

As the heading states you either require or want AN ITEM or You have AN ITEM to swap for another item.

Its not to be used to list a whole load of items and hope a pm will come to BUY it.

If we see this in this section we will firstly remove it and you can then take this as a warning, if the same member does this again we will remove your classifieds status no questions and none answered.
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