Aberdeenshire Dee 2021


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Cambridgeshire Fenland
Hi guys - is it my failing memory (!) or are the Dee fish this year so far a bit smaller than the previous Spring runs ??
I have not fished a spring on the Dee for a few years now, but the catches now seem to be averaging about 7 - 9 lbs, with a few fish to 12/14lb - and well done to all their captors !!
But a few years ago it was not unusual to see 16/18/20 lb fish in the book for Feb/Mar/Apr ?? As an example, in my 2013 visits I had a 17lb in Feb, and in first week of Apr 17/18/13 lb, plus another 3 smaller fish. The following few years were then fishless for me (and most others!!).
So why (seemingly) smaller fish - poor feeding, or are these merely biggish grilse running early ????
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