A guide for classifieds and rules as requested.

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Hi Fair question and as I have said we are looking to place rules as a separate section for all to see on the forums,then there will be clarity for all.But for now as a guide main rules can be found here.


As for terms and conditions and copyrights etc you asked for it may help and be informative for all to take a read here


These cover all our forums.

Meantime please use these as guidelines and we will update everyone.

I can understand it can be confusing at times and especially when new owners takeover,so I hope these links help a bit more understanding.Any disruption is not our intention but without going into every detail or dot why we do things the way we do ,it is always in the best interest of members and to stop you losing out in any way.I do not mean that in any derogatory way to anyone here,especially the OP,nor is it directed to anyone specifically more in general, but we do get the odd chancer who uses forums for quick bucks and disappears leaving someone out of pocket
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