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Newtownards, Co. Down
Spent the most of today putting the new zpey ranges through their paces, the HM Signature and the inspire.
First and foremost this is only my own opinion I am not a casting guru by any means but I have had the opportunity to try a lot of the rods out there today.

H.M Signature 13'9 #10
Took me a we while to inlock the rods potential. When playing about the with a sort line I wondered how I could justify paying over 200 pounds extra for it than the inspire. But.... once I started increasing the distance this rod really came into its own. Held extremely stable loops at great distance and the whole time I never felt like I had to put a great deal of power in. The rod has so much backbone and power that its no wonder this is the biggest rod henrik designed.

H.M Signature 11'#8 switch
This is my personal favorite. I would happily fish any river in Ireland with this tool. A true switch rod that casts equally well single or double, spey or overhead. I was consistently putting out 6" loops singlehanded with this rod. Again likes its bigger brother it really showed up when I increased the line length.

Inspire 13ft6 #9
Pure value for money. I got on great with this rod from the word go. A lot more forgiving than the H.M and flexes a lot deeper but its not a slow rod. Effortlessly puts out a line and I would have to think long and hard if I wanted to spend the extra money to make the jump up to the signature rod. A lot more subtle of a finish but very high quality. Already a lot of interest in this rod.

Inspire 11' #8 Switch
Again fantastic value for money and a sheer joy to cast from the moment you pick it up. No learning curve and its action is kind to you. Deeper flex than the signature but plenty of power to cope with the distances associated with a switch rod. It was another hard call and again think about what you are using the rod for before you spend the extra dosh on the H.M, fishing intimate spate rivers or a do it all casting machine.

These rods all have the redesigned zpey handle, you will either love it or hate it. Everyone who had a cast today loved how it felt and its new shape fits naturally into your hand and I found it encouraged a high stop with less experienced casters.
All the rods where teamed up with the suggested rating of zpey heads, fusion 30 and 34 on the double handers and both switch rods took an 18g unique compact. I must admit that Henrik and the zpey team have got it spot on with the line ratings this time and there is no need to overline like there was with earlier models or evn the scierra range. The lines matched perfectly and in my opinion they are the best head on the market. The little lools hardly make a sound when they go through the guides and for once a manufacturer has made heads in a sensible range of colours.
Well thats my two cents and only my opinion.
All I would like to say is dont just take my word for it or anyone elses about any aspects of your tackle. The best thing you can do is get the gear in your hands and give them a good testing before you commit. Needless to say if you would like to have a go with any of these rods just get in touch with me by pm or my mobile.


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really nice your review. i'm totally with you and think the same. i have 2 zpey rods and the next will be 11" #8! you don't need anything else here in the summer.

regards from northern norway



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Had the pleasure of meeting Mike today in Sion. (AM Angling)

Got a throw with the 13'9 HM signature series and a fusion II head. Great combination and a great match. No effort required. Loved the action of the rod, the head, and especially the running line. Not sure about the handle though.

Thanks Mike for the opportunity to have a cast, sound man.