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    Default Probably the strangest ever request.

    Just putting this out there as I'm racking my brain. And those of a delicate personality look away now as this is going to be brutally blunt.

    My Dad is in his last few weeks of life. End stage cancer and in hospital and nae ever leaving under his own steam. We (me and him) are 'OK' with this, we've had a long time to get used to the idea, discussed at length and I have all his wishes in place.

    Now to the request. It's the auld yin's 87th Birthday on Saturday. All the usual stuff organised wi a nice cake etc., and family and friends all arranged to turn up on Saturday afternoon.

    My dilemma is...what the hell to get him as a present?? He doesn't actually need anything, nor ever has. It's always been very good malts as he does like a decent dram.....but that's out of the picture unless I smuggle on a hip flask!! That said I don't want to be responsible for finishing him off, so to speak!

    Not looking for sympathy, just some good ideas. My brain is frazzled on this one. many flies, so little time!

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    Take the hip flask, no one would object.
    I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

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    Difficult one Westie! My sympathies are with you. Buy him a nice bottle of malt. You will probably end up drinking it, but surely a small tot would be OK. I think the fact that you have arranged a bit of a get together and cake etc...
    is sufficient. You being there for him in the last few weeks will be a great comfort to him, I am sure. All the best,

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    Sorry did not mean to press the thanks button trying to get used to a new touchscreen computer. Just give him as much of your time that you can which will be far more important to him than any present ,I am sure if you want to give him a dram no one would object.

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    Nothing made my mum happier at that time, than spending time going through old photos with family.

    You might think your prepared and its for the best.

    But it will still be a massive blow to you Andy when the day comes.

    All the best


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    How about a couple strippers and a few lines of blow?

    Good luck, Andy.
    Heero just pawn in game of life.

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    Take him in a dram Andy,I'm sure he would love that,also having the family round about him willperk him up a bit,it will also leave yous all some nice memories,been through it with my own father,thoughts are with yous and hope yous have a nice day with the old man

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    My Sympathy's Westie your old man sounds a diamond.

    I'm with Heero on this except it would be a couple of blue pills, 2 filipino dancing girls and a bottle of 50 Year old macallan and wish to be left alone with the above on the Saturday night.

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    Is there no way you can smuggle him out for a bit and take him somewhere he would enjoy ? Even if its out for a dram.
    If not maybe take some old photos etc in and share some memories with him and give him a big hug.

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    There is absolutely nothing strange in your request. It seems to me to be a perfectly normal one. In the position that you find yourself in, I and I am sure the rest of us would be faced with the same dilemma. if you have family round there on Saturday then if he is strong enough how about taking him out for a few hours on Sunday? Anywhere just for a bit of change of scenery, atmosphere and some fresh air. Hospitals can be really oppressive places. I lost both parents at different times of my life and completely agree with Alan Mows, it is a massive blow when it comes. I am sure though that you will find strength that you didn't know you had. Take care of yourself.
    It's all very well using WW2 analogies when referring to Brexit - 'spirit of the blitz' and all that. Imagine the curious atmosphere though if you were sitting in your air raid shelter looking around and realising that half of the people around you had voted to get bombed

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