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    Personally I would ban all polls for several months if possible before an election. Persons seeing them may change there vote because they do not wish a party to get in.
    Your choice a dizzy dreamer or a con man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wee-Eck View Post
    I wouldn't trust polls further than I could throw them. Now Bookies odds, that is a different kettle of fish. They are usually much more accurate than any polls.
    Even they get it wrong now and then, remember Leicester?

    The future is notoriously hard to predict.

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    I agree about the choice facing us, Bob. It's a bleak prospect indeed. but otherwise I do not, with respect, follow your reasoning. Why should a voter not be able to make an informed choice when he/she is considering voting tactically? I shall be voting to re-elect the eminently sensible Labour MP we have here in Edinburgh South. He detests Corbyn, like me. I cannot forgive the Tories for misleading the electorate into voting Leave. One result of their pathetic chauvinism is that the USA will increase the cost of pharmaceuticals to the NHS i.e. to us, the taxpayers, as Dominic Raab admitted last week. And Brexit will make the poor poorer. That is wickedness incarnate. Like me too, the Labour candidate also does not see the sense of independence for Scotland. What is the point of breaking up the British armed forces and security services in this dangerous, uncertain world? To my mind, the SNP agenda is just bonkers. I agree that we are all Jock Tamson's bairns but when it comes to competence, the SNP are not just not up to the job. Scotland's educational system has fallen to the level of Estonia on their watch. And they have had to go back to the London Treasury for more Wonga because they overestimated their prospective tax take. They go on shouting for another independence referendum when, plainly, the Scots do not want one. The last one was a waste of £2.5 million.

    So my choice is this: do I vote for competence, clowns or the posturing nationalists? It's a no-brainer. I'm voting for the man with common sense. And Corbyn will be gone on Friday morning. Then we can start the long slow march back to sanity.
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    UK General Election Betting Odds | Politics | Oddschecker

    Don't think Boris needs to start packing just yet.
    Labour 12/1
    Conservative 1/20

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzyian View Post
    Chickens, eggs, all that.

    I think one thing we've learned is that polls are very misleading (some Poles are too) Misleading in that in the climate and age we live in they have not kept pace with the sophistication of peoples responses to questions put to them.

    I think thats why in the last election and the referendum that caused it they missed by miles. The fact that they subsequently claimed them to be broadly within advertised error is neither here nor there as is the fact that many claim to be independent when they are not.

    I think they are used as a part of campaigns trying to lend momentum and influence opinion at crucial times. A good example is the anti Jewish thing which seems to me to be light on evidence to be such a giant poll shifting issue. All up there is very little to commend them in my view and I also have a sneaking suspicion that they are really a tool for manipulation whether by the media (to create some headlines) or the parties themselves. That (and the fact that we can't afford one) means that the SDWMP will never stoop to their use.

    Personally its another area I would like to see highly regulated, I mean, what possible good can come from pre-empting an election result? Or maybe it's all just part of the entertainment and I've got the christmas spirit too early
    It's much more than a polling website. It does use poll results in it's calculation but also much much more. It's record speaks for itself. See here...
    Electoral Calculus - Wikipedia

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    Boris having fun with a journo today. Refusing to admit to issues in the NHS and the chronic underfunding that austerity has brought. But perhaps itís fine - in Victorian times 4 year olds would have been up chimneys not lazing about hospital floors. Bloody snowflake generation

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    Quote Originally Posted by T7 View Post
    Boris having fun with a journo today. Refusing to admit to issues in the NHS and the chronic underfunding that austerity has brought. But perhaps itís fine - in Victorian times 4 year olds would have been up chimneys not lazing about hospital floors. Bloody snowflake generation
    Today has been crackers. Johnson stole a phone off that journalist - who yes, was extremely annoying and baity, but part of the Prime Minister's job is dealing with annoying, baity people without a) losing your temper b) stealing their phone and c) coming across as completely disinterested in anything other than delivering his campaign lines.

    The Conservatives realised it was a bit of car crash TV and sent Matt Hancock to Leeds General (where the sick kid was photographed lying on the floor) to carry out damage control. Who the hell sends Matt Hancock anywhere to make things better?!

    'Senior Tories' feed the BBC and ITV fake stories about Labour protestors being taxied in and an aide being punched in the face. Neither of these things happened, both were reported exactly as fed to them by Laura Kuennsberg and Robert Peston without any corroboration. Story is picked up by print media and pushed in article form to hundreds of thousands of app users.

    Everyone stops talking about the 4-year old kid lying under a coat on the floor, and starts talking about Labour activists punching people/the BBC spreading lies.

    And this is where we are at.

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    Privatised planet, Renegade inc.

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    In the good old days, you were poor, you got ill - and you died...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safranfoer View Post
    seeking, blaming 'remoaners' for everything is getting verrrrry dull. Remoaners didn't make Johnson lie, over and over again, about everything. They didn't introduce and then double down on austerity - did you see that statistic, that there are now more food banks in the UK than McDonalds? Those bloody golden arches are EVERYWHERE. It's a very visual stat.

    I also don't think Frankie Boyle is blaming remoaners for the current state of the nation, tacitly or otherwise...

    "Brexit supporters are surely among the most likely to get out and vote, especially now Jeremy Kyle isnít on in the daytime any more. It was impossible to predict that the whole country would be thrown into crisis by middle-aged men outraged about Europe making decisions for them (these are people whose wives buy their socks), but I can understand their subsequent disillusionment. If 434 MPs vote for a general election, we instantly get one; if 0.14% of the populace vote for Boris Johnson, we instantly get him; but if 52% of the electorate vote for Brexit, they get three years of what feels like trying to **** out a pool table. Essentially, Brexit has proved impossible to deliver: turns out itís tricky for English voters to take back control of their borders when one of them is in someone elseís country. Many people wish David Cameron had never called the referendum in the first place. It says a lot about how badly the last couple of years have gone, that thereís a guy who destroyed Libya, presided over needless austerity and ****ed a pig, and we wish that heíd just used his own judgment."

    He states he won't be voting for the Conservatives, and ends thus - which is very lovely:

    "Twenty miles up, itís a freezing cold universe, we only have the human connections we make here, nothing is permanent, and love is our only defence. I suggest we all vote accordingly, and try to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is."
    First, and most importantly the last bit was lovely, you are correct. IMHO mind it's a pity the one-eyed can never bear that in mind before going off on one, as they are wont to do.

    Second, I admit. Hands up. You have got me bang to rights: Frankie wasn't actually tacitly admitting it was Remoaners/Sore Losers/Anti-Democrats that got us here.

    I had arranged a Press Briefing, at which I was to triumphantly wave a redacted version of Frankie's Grauniad rant at the expectant press, saying "I have here CONCLUSIVE PROOF that Frankie is admitting it was the Remoaners fault" (assisted by Trump and the Sovs).

    But it was me making it all up after all!!!! Imagine.

    He is an unreconstructed remoaner after all!!!!

    Nae mind, bring out the Top-Loaders! There will be plenty of love come Friday...

    I'll be pulling up a sofa to be with ibm in mind if not body:


    "...hooking mortality is higher than you'd expect: further evidence that as a numbers game, catch-and-release fishing isn't always as straightforward as it seems"
    John Gierach

    Fed up of debating C&R - see Hidden Content

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