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Thread: Brexit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
    Fair enough and I share some sympathy with that view. But that said, as far as Iím aware there was never a plan even suggested, never mind promised! It was impossible to do so for many many reasons.
    It depends who you believe. All the leading Brexiteers are now telling us that the plan was for a so-called " Clean Brexit " with a new EU-UK Treaty agreed within 2 years of the vote. This is contrary to what many of them , including Farage , Hannan and Patterson , said in interviews before the vote when they argued for staying in the Single Market and the Norway option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Keane View Post
    What clip??? Brexit

    I posted 447 and it was a dig at the Maybot for proposing a time extension!
    Sorry 449

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    Quote Originally Posted by JACK POWER View Post
    One of, if not the main reason we like the EU is that you lot left this small country a broke, uneducated, divided and struggling backwater but the EU changed all that. We are far from perfect but a lot better than we might have been but for your "cornered rats." Extreme Brexit mob don't give a fiddler's about Ireland or peace in NI - as Boris 'n Dad have shown.

    Just checked Telegraph site, not a word about London march. Guardian reporting the 670,000 marched. Go figure.
    You mean the UK?

    After 100 years of independence would you not be better blaming the following 32 Irish Governments and/or perhaps the Catholic church for any subsequent economic/educational woes?

    True, the EU pumped in incredible amounts of cash and I suppose that if you are a beneficiary it's a good enough reason for affection toward them. Nice if you're a beneficiary but these things come at a cost elsewhere and at another time as we can now see.

    On your last point maybe the EU economists were in charge of counting the crowd for the Gaurdian in London yesterday
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    I see Jason Hunter go fund me, help me stop brexit campaign has rallied all of 1200 people to his mast, perhaps this latest rolled out "authoritative expert" is not as well supported as remainers and the media like to make out.

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